On the corner of Scenic Drive and 9th Avenue North in Lethbridge, Alberta, we sell all of our landscaping products in a cubic yard tote bag. For your convenience we sell our sand, gravel, stone, decorative rock, mulch, top soil, and garden mix in tote bags. We also have bagged cement and mortar materials needed when installing the bricks, blocks and rocks we supply.

Whether you are looking for mortar sand or sandbox sand, we have all the products you are looking for. Come down and see us or give us a call and we will arrange for your products to be delivered or ready for pick up.

When laying pavers, patio stones, or retaining walls, it’s important to have a solid foundation that will allow you to have a long lasting stone feature. We have all the bulk products to make your landscape visions become a reality. We can answer all your questions and put you in contact with professional landscapers. If you’re a do it yourselfer, we can help you with a step by step plan of how to put your project together.

Wonder Tote

We Deliver, mulch, soil decorative rock in a convenient tidy one-yard bag.  www.wondertote.com


Bagged Masonry products and Cement

We carry a full range of bagged masonry products:

  •  General Use cement
  • Mortar mix
  • All-in-one concrete mix
  • Post-hole concrete