Metal Fence Posts – 2 3/8″


Metal fence posts are strong and sturdy. They are great for making a fence around your yard or garden.

Our steel fence posts are 2 3/8″ and approx. 7’8″ long. We always recommend using a post hole digger and concrete to make sure posts are securely in the ground. Due to our area of high winds this is your most durable and cost effective option.

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Metal fence posts are strong and long-lasting. They’re great for creating a sturdy barrier around your property, giving you the privacy you need to feel secure in your own home. Metal fence posts are also ideal for keeping pets like dogs and cats contained within their own space or yard. There is no better way to ensure that they stay where they belong than by using metal fencing.

The metal fence post is probably the most important element of any fence installation. It’s what keeps everything together and it can make or break your fence project. Ensuring a strong, long-lasting fence starts with choosing the right metal posts for the job.

What to look for in Metal Fence Posts

Choosing quality metal fence posts for your fencing project is especially important if your fence will be installed where it will be subject to extreme weather conditions we experience in Lethbridge and Southern Alberta. The metal has to be somewhat flexible and durable enough to withstand a wide range of temperatures, whether from direct sunlight or extreme rain and snow fall.

Metal fencing post options can vary greatly in price depending on the metal used, including galvanized metal, metal coated in vinyl, metal that’s been powder-coated and metal treated with other materials to help strengthen it against weather elements.

The best metal fence posts are those that have metal woven throughout the post — metal bars or rods make for a much sturdier post than metal just coating the outside of a wooden post. The more metal your metal fence post has, the stronger it will be.

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Metal Fence Post Styles

The fencing post that you choose should also match the metal style of your metal fencing — for example, if you go with metal mesh metal fencing , then you’ll want to make sure that both the posts and metal mesh have a similar design or look to them. For metal that has metal woven throughout it, you should look for metal fence posts that have metal rods or metal bars woven together to create a strong structure.

Metal fence post installation

Installing metal fencing is not a tough job, but it’s important to make sure that you follow the steps carefully for best results. You’ll want to hire a metal fence contractor who has experience installing metal fences. He or she will know how to choose the right metal posts and metal mesh style for your property and they will know the easiest way to install metal posts so that they will stand up against weather and wear for many years.

When you choose metal fence posts made from metal rods or metal bars, it’s important to make sure that each post is properly attached to your mounting brackets using metal washers — if not, the metal can easily pull away from the metal fencing causing gaps between metal posts. Proper installation means a stronger metal fence that will last longer against the elements!

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