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Bulk Landscaping Products and Aggregates

Whether you are a homeowner or a company, we’re here for you.

Everything from local field and river stone to our selection of decorative rocks.

Washed Fractured Rock
10mm OR 20mm – used for drainage, weeping tile and basic ground cover

Mortar Sand
Used as a joint filling material for paving stones, or for sandboxes.

Round Rock
Ranging in size from 10mm, 20mm to 40mm.

Road Crush
20mm – used as compactable base materials for driveways, paving stones, retaining walls, fence posts and some backfilling applications.

Armour Gravel
Screened natural rock ranging from 2”-10” great for landscape planters and features: good for dry river bed applications.

Concrete Sand
Used in cement mixes for concrete and as a bedding sand for paving stones, slabs or sidewalk blocks.

Decorative Rock
Ranging in sizes from 20mm, 40mm, and up to 80mm. Colours and types from around BC and northern Alberta.

Soils And Mulch

We are specialists in sand, gravel, and stone in all sizes, decorative rock, flagstone, as well as topsoil, garden mix and an assortment of mulch. Types of soil and mulch include:

  • Basic Screened Soil
  • Premium Top Soil
  • Garden Mix
  • Shredded Cedar Mulch
  • Acreage Mulch
  • Charcoal Black Mulch
  • Chocolate Brown Mulch
  • Large Bulk Nuggets

Decorative Rocks

Rundle Rock – 20mm and 40mm – dark grey and charcoal in colour, used for decorative landscaping, tree and shrub beds, window wells and some aquarium applications.

BC Brown Kendall Rock – 20mm, 40mm and 75mm – Charcoal undertone with brown and rustic surface colours, great for decorative landscaping or firepit areas.

Limestone – 20mm and 40mm – soft, angular, light grey rock used for decorative landscape beds.

Montana Rainbow – Similar in size to the 40 mm round gravel, Montana Rainbow is rich in a large density of purples that we do not see in our local rock.

Bulk Landscaping Products Catalogue

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  • Single Axle Dump Truck (up to 6yd3)
  • Tandem Axle Dump Truck (up to 12yd3)
  • Tandem Axle and Pup (up to 22yd3)
  • Tandem Axle Slinger (up to 12yd3)
  • Picker Truck (can place boulders and 1yd3 tote bags)

Available for pickup and delivery (bulk or tote), options include: